Meet Armand

Security Consultant


At AVeS, each and every one of our team members plays a valuable role in building our customer’s confidence in their digital information. That’s one of the reasons we believe in hiring the best team from the start. We would like to introduce you to Armand Erasmus, one of our Security Consultants.


Armand is a young, smart and talented individual. He enjoys a witty sense of humour and thrives on tackling new and exciting technical challenges that come his way. At AVeS, he has gained a variety of hands-on experience in different departments that range from working in the call centre as a sales consultant, to working on the implementation and customisation of the CRM system, and is currently busy with security technical support and app development. He strives to further his technical knowledge, gain expertise and work towards a future in web development.


“I love the small interpersonal business culture developed around people within AVeS. I think that AVeS offers its team members a personalised and friendly environment whereby one can develop one’s technical skills. As the company is growing fast in the IT space, it provides for an exciting career in IT.”


We believe that Armand’s desire to expand his knowledge base and practice his technical skills in a professional environment will help him reach new heights in his career.