Bongani Malinga: Media Communications Liaison


Meet Bongani

Media Communications Liaison

It is not just anybody that can makes it into the A-Team. At AVeS, we believe that the people behind a successful company are just as important as the organisation itself. 


We would like to introduce you to Bongani Malinga, who works as our Media Communications Liaison, responsible for information, publicity and promotion. When making our selection we take special consideration of the candidate’s goals as well as the company’s goals. 


Bongani is an all round Public Relations Practitioner. He has previous experience in communications, marketing, media relations and promotions. He believes that success is about knowing what you do best and constantly looking for places you can improve. 


“I have observed a very strong team culture at AVeS and everyone is very welcoming. The biggest trait that I like is the mutual respect that everyone has for each other regardless of their position in the company. It’s not about the job title it’s about the end goal and that is taking AVeS to even greater heights.” 


Bongani is a passionate and hands on team player his positive character will enable him to fulfill his role well at AVeS. We welcome him to the A-Team and look forward for him to work with you, our trusted partners, and clients, in true AVeS spirit. 


Wishing you all the best here at AVeS, Bongani.