Charmaine Samuriwo: Junior Sales Executive

 Meet Charmaine

Junior Sales Executive

In our line of work, teamwork across roles and departments is a business essential. To spark great teamwork, AVeS chooses team members who have diverse skillsets yet common goals. As a new Junior Sales Executive on the A-team, we would like to introduce you to Charmaine Samuriwo. She will be working with the security sales team to help our clients buy smart by knowing which developments and promotions are relevant to their product and service portfolio with us.


Charmaine’s specialty is in bringing people and products together in ways that make business sense. Having started off her career as a Leads Generator at a South African IT company, she was promoted to Programme Advisor and then to Business Development Consultant.


“I am a go getter with a life mission to take up new challenges and continuously learn, hence the IT sector on one side and, on the other side, why I am not afraid to ask questions. I joined AVeS because of the answers I found to questions I thought to be important: their 18-year track record shows resilience and business acumen, and the people in the company show a company-wide mindset on growing together.” 


We believe that Charmaine’s growth mindset and awareness in balancing a task- and people-oriented work style is a recipe for success for her journey with AVeS. We welcome her to the A-Team and look forward for her to working with you, our trusted partners and clients, in true AVeS spirit. 


Wishing you the best here at AVeS, Charmaine.