Meet Dewald

Systems Engineer

The rate at which our team is expanding requires us to onboard people who are good at what they do and who understand how to make a difference in their role. We would like to introduce you to Dewald Gouws, newly appointed Systems Engineer, who will be looking after our Service Level Agreement (SLA) clients.


Dewald was raised in a household where computer servicing and programming was taught with passion. After school, he continued his education at CTI to study Computer Programming where he adopted an understanding of the lifecycle of products. Since he started working his way up in the industry in 2009, Dewald discovered his interest in server environments and is consequently busy with his MCSA qualification.


“I am an autodidact by heart and love tackling technical challenges. When I need an answer to a specific question, I make sure that I find it. I find the rate of change in IT inspiring, especially if one looks at the increasing efficiency provided by virtualisation. I specifically looked for a company who understands the technical complexity of simplifying IT for its users. I found that AVeS is going places and I plan to grow, as a person and professional, with them.”


Dewald’s keen learning spirit and team-oriented work style will provide him with a good foundation to enjoy his journey with AVeS. We welcome him to the A-team and look forward to him working with our clients in true AVeS spirit.


Wishing you the best here at AVeS, Dewald.