Diane Pieterse: Director

Meet Diane

At AVeS, we believe that the foundation of a good company starts with an effective leadership team whose commitment to client service and team management are equally important. We would like to introduce you to Diane Pieterse, our director who leads the sales and finance divisions.


With over 15-years’ experience working at AVeS, Diane has seen the evolution of the business from a start-up to a successful company. Diane is a task-orientated individual whose attention to detail is unparralled. Diane believes that the key to success and happiness in business is to build relationships with people, not companies.


“We have an extremely dynamic team at AVeS whose complementary skills make the company run like a well-oiled engine. It is an invigorating experience to lead an enthusiastic team who are passionate about making a positive difference in the workplace by giving their best.”


Diane’s extensive experience in business and her commitment in getting the job done well, helps her fill her role with passion.