Esti Greyling: Licence Administrator

Meet Esti

Licence Administrator

We believe that business revolves around people. That’s why we sort through hundreds of application forms to pick who we believe to be the best person for the job. We would consequently like to introduce you to Esti Greyling, our licence administrator. Esti is here to ensure that your software licences are up-to-date, on time and delivered with a smile.


Esti is a creative, life-loving person who enjoys taking on challenges. She has recently moved from the hospitality industry to the IT industry in an effort to broaden her career’s horizons. Apart from not being afraid of hard work, she thrives on getting things done as a team and working towards a communal goal.


 “I love working with people. I think it’s important to keep one’s personality intact when working with people in a business setting: whether it be clients, suppliers or work colleagues. AVeS’s focus is ‘people’ and I can relate to that. I look forward to growing with the company and people here.”


Esti’s vast background in people-centred industries and her positive, keen learning spirit will enable her to fulfil her role at AVeS well.