Azure Everywhere Framework Creator Demo

We have created an Azure Everywhere Framework Creator Tool (see video to the left) that reduces the time required to create the mandatory Azure Everywhere Framework to under 5 minutes. To see how this useful tool can assist you in your application for an Azure Everywhere deployment, request a personalised demo by completing the form on the right.


Microsoft Azure is an internet-scale, high-availability cloud fabric operating on globally-distributed Microsoft data centers. Microsoft Azure and related tools support the development and deployment of applications into a hosted environment that extends the on-premises data center. The Microsoft Azure IaaS platform can be used advantageously to deploy existing and new application platforms mainly composed of the following:  

  • Operating systems  

  • Storage  

  • Network settings  

  • Applications  

  • Middleware  

  • Database servers  

  • Third-party components and frameworks

Terms and Conditions: The Azure Everywhere funding programme is exclusively made available, authorised and controlled by the Microsoft Corporation and its South African subsidiary and operates in full under their Terms and Conditions. Should you wish to become familiar with the Terms and Conditions of Azure Everywhere, you are welcome to read more on the Microsoft website.

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