Cyber-attacks on organisations on Radio 786’s Mid Morning Mix

by | 2 Nov 2019 | Thought Leadership



In this edition of Bits and Bytes on Radio 786’s Mid Morning Mix show, our CEO, Charl Ueckermann, unpacks the issues of cyber-attacks in different organisations.

Cyber-attacks are becoming a worldwide concern with organisations, banks and even cities experiencing a breach of their networks. Without a pro-active approach, that includes good governance and having the correct tools in place for when systems are being compromised, entities go into firefighting mode once an attack occurs, and this can result in the organisation being vulnerable to more threats and cyber security costs shooting through the roof.

Charl answers questions like:

  • Why are more organisations experiencing cyber-attacks?
  • How do hackers get into important company information systems?
  • Why do hackers usually request payment in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin?
  • How does a shutdown of systems prevent hackers from causing further damage?

The Bits and Bytes show airs on Saturdays on Radio 786’s Mid Morning Mix and covers topics like gaming, gadgets and technology.

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