Inspiring Cyber-Savvy South African Kids this Mandela Day

by | 18 Jul 2017 | Company News

As part of our #67minutes of #MandelaDay, we freely shared our cyber security knowledge with a group of Gr 10-12 IT students in Johannesburg.

The objective? Protect kids against online threats by making them aware of the risks in cyberspace and educating them on how to spot some of the more obvious dangers (like email phishing attacks).

The dos and don’ts to protecting your identity online:

After doing an authorised email phishing simulation with the students, we found that even tech-savvy teens can fall prey to socially engineered cyber attacks.

There are a few ground rules to online security – especially when it comes to protecting personal data and your identity online – which we shared with the kids:

1. When you receive an email, confirm the sender’s email address (

If you are not expecting an email from this address or you do not know the person, do not open the email.

2. Check for deceptive links in emails

Before you click on a link in an email, move your mouse over any of the links in the email, without clicking. You can then see the address where the link will take you (i.e. the destination). If a link aims to take you to an unknown (or misspelt) destination, do not click on it. Do not click a link if it’s an IP address (numbers with full stops in between).

Share these tips with your kids to help them protect their identity online.

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