Cyber security focus for remote workers on Channel Africa’s Africa Rise & Shine show

by | 17 Nov 2020 | Thought Leadership



For years, company employees have been touted as the biggest risk to cyber security – more so now that perimeter security lines are blurred and more people are working from anywhere using their own devices.

However, Charl Ueckermann, Group CEO at AVeS Cyber International, says that it doesn’t matter whether employees work from home, at the office or a bit of both. People have the potential to be an organisation’s best defence against face of cyber threats and fraud. But that’s only if cyber security is a culture within an organisation.

In this short interview, one of Channel Africa’s Africa Rise & Shine presenters, Khumelo Motshelele, asked Charl pertinent questions, such as:

  1. Why is it important to consider the people and culture of the business when addressing cyber risk management?
  2. Why is cyber security still seen as an IT issue rather than a business issue?
  3. How should companies approach training to succeed in creating a cyber security culture?
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