Cybersecurity in the physical security and IoT world on Hi-Tech Security roundtable

by | 27 May 2021 | Thought Leadership



Hi-Tech Security (27 May 2021 @ 10:00)

Hi-Tech Security Solutions ( hosted an Executive Round Table discussion in partnership with Milestone Systems on 27 May 2021 at 10:00.

Group CEO of AVeS Cyber International, Charl Ueckermann, joined the panel for an in-depth (1,5 hour) discussion on cybersecurity in the physical security and IoT world.

View an extract of the range of topics Charl talked about below:

Question 1: What is the main threat in your field today?

Question 2: What are companies doing to ensure that within their area or field they have baked security in their devices from the start?

Question 3: What should the end users be aware of in terms of securing their endpoints?

Question 4: What does an end-user need to know when it comes to the cloud and how to secure it?

Question 5: What opportunities are there for integrators to assist companies with their cyber security?

Question 6: What can we do to try and prevent some of the social engineering aspects: training or technical solution?

Question 7: Do the privacy issues that POPIA raises make a difference in cyber security? Will there be way more interest in cyber security because of POPIA and vice versa? 

Question 8: In a public area, previously, if you had an image that stated there is a recording (CCTV), that was enough. Is that now sufficient for POPIA or do you have to provide more information?

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