Increasing Efficiency with Exchange 2013 Hybrid through Office 365

by | 15 Dec 2015 | Case Studies, Microsoft

Hybrid exchange is fast becoming the popular choice amongst large organizations with a large amount of data and users in their networks. In this particular instance, an international company that manufactures and sells construction and mining equipment, utilities, forestry machines, and industrial machinery approached AVeS for their services.

The organization needed an Exchange Hybrid deployment with Office 365. We immediately assigned our top technicians to the task. The Office 365 Education Blog simply explains this as an “organization looking to maintain a  rich coexistence with Exchange Online and an Exchange on premises installation.”
We had to register an Office 365 tenant for the organization and domain verification in order to verify their domain with Microsoft Office 365.

Our team installed Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) to join the organizations domain with Office 365. We configured single sign on and Azure Active Directory to synchronize data and change the premises Active Directory to the Office 365 tenant.

Data is the livelihood of any organization. Deploying a Hybrid exchange ensures that the organization has a good contingency plan in cases of outages for example, the organization can keep functioning seamlessly. Another plus is that Microsoft employs multiple layers of redundancy and backups of information, which means in the unfortunate situation of data loss, organizations can restore their data through Microsoft servers.

In addition to saving costs with Office 365, organizations can continue being profitable with Microsoft operating between 10 to 100 undisclosed data centers located around the world. This means downtime is virtually none existent. Furthermore, employees can get access to their Microsoft office suite wherever they can get an internet connection, from any device and with any operating system.

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