IP-guard Module Overview

Basic Management Module (Core Module)


  • Operation And Events Logs
  • Security Policy Management
  • Asset Inventory And Network Configuration Information
  • Basic IT Asset Control
  • Real-Time Systems Alerts
  • Visual Analysis Statistical Reporting
  • Keyword-Based Search Engine

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Additional Modules

Application Management Module

  • Time-Based Application Blocking
  • Blacklist Illegal Software
  • Track Application Usage
  • Unauthorised Access Alerts

Bandwidth Management Module

  • Site, Port & Peer-To-Peer (P2P) Application Blocking
  • Time- And Port-Based Bandwidth Allocation
  • Abnormal Traffic Alerts

Device Management Module

  • Endpoint Authorisation & Management
  • Executes Device-Based Access Rights

Document Management Module

  • Global or Individual Document-Level Access Rights Management
  • Media-Based Encryption
  • Policy-Triggered File Backups
  • Document Tracking

Email Management Module

  • Policy-Based Outgoing Email Blocking
  • Document-Based Email Attachment Recording & Blocking

IM Management Module

  • IM Application-Based File Sharing Blocking
  • Keyword-Based IM Conversation Logging
  • IM File Attachment Backup
  • Unauthorised Action Alerts

IT Asset Management Module

  • IT Asset Inventory Audit & Tracking
  • Track IT Asset Licensing
  • Automate Windows Patch Management Components
  • Mass Software Deployment with Background Installation capabilities
  • Mass Document Distribution with Breakpoint Transmission capabilities

Network Management Module

  • Network or Download (FTP) Port Blocking
  • Intrusion Detection & Blocking
  • Department-Based Network Access & File Sharing Rights Management
  • Unauthorised Action Alerting