Cyber Secure Your Own 

Prevent cyber-attacks with cyber secure cultures, especially when you have a remote workforce.

Cyber Secure Your Own by AVeS Cyber Security

Did you know that ± 80% of a business’s cyber security does not depend on technology? Yup, it depends on the people in your organisation: everyday staff who (often) don’t know a thing about IT or basic cyber security best practices. On top of that, most staff work remotely nowadays, outside of the 20% technology protecting your business against cyber-attacks.

So, here’s what you can do: protect your business by measuring and upskilling your employees. We recommend that you start with a small group in your company.

Phishing Simulation

for up to 30 mailboxes

Interactive, Automated Security Training

30-day trial for 30 users
(on Kaspersky’s Automated Security Awareness Platform)

Phishing Simulation

for the same 30 mailboxes

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