AVeS solves company’s availability issues with Symantec Backup Exec 2012

Client Understanding

For this project, our client is the manufacturer of a diverse range of industrial-use products and services. This international construction and mining equipment provider (ICMEP) engages in various business sectors, such as utility equipment (compact machines), forest machines, industrial machinery, logistics and other solutions-based operations.

ICMEP approached AVeS with the objective of investing in a long-term data-retention solution that is compliant with their strict auditing requirements. This objective allowed AVeS to leverage their experience in high-end backup and recovery skills to provide ICMEP with a flexible on- and off-site backup solution. AVeS’s dual-phase approach to the project ensured a consistently reliable and audit-compliant result.

Roadmap Approach

Based on ICMEP’s requirements, AVeS established a Recovery Deployment that utilized a hosted hardware platform, allowing ICMEP a base of 12-months’ worth of backup retention on a localised site.
Furthermore, AVeS installed a secondary unit in the datacentre of ICMEP’s data providers to ensure a true replication of each job. In the event that a disaster rendered the primary datacentre unusable, the secondary unit would provide the means of data recovery without relying on third parties or tape-based restoration.


AVeS used Symantec Backup Exec 2012 as the cornerstone of this deployment. This industry-leading product was a perfect fit to remove any duplicate data from the backup sets. The De-Duplication Technology curbed the big data growth expectancy whilst it allowed the hardware platform usage to grow at a sustainable rate.
The technology also provided a streamlined approach to transfer data off-site without requiring tape-based backups or big data replication. The native De-Duplication and Enterprise Configuration components allowed AVeS to replicate only the delta changes within the de-duplicated data. These delta changes were replicated to the secondary site via traditional WAN links.
Data restorations showed that the solution was able to recover the data in both the primary and secondary sites. The solution that AVeS provided therefore met the auditor’s requirements whilst simplifying the administrative daily tasks.

Final Outcomes

“Big Data within the SME market has always been a problem,” says Charl Ueckermann, Managing Director at AVeS. “This project is an excellent example of how we utilized a best-of-breed approach to not only ensure that ICMEP’s data is backed up and easily restored, but also that it is replicated off-site to meet any auditing requirements.”
“With this type of solution, we are also mitigating any associated risk that may fall onto the backup administrators. [These administrators] were once liable to ensure that the data is manually shipped off-site through traditional means, such as daily, weekly or monthly tapes,” continues Ueckermann.

About AVeS

AVeS combines expert knowledge and services with leading technologies to provide comprehensive information security and infrastructure solutions.
Working off 15-years of migration strategies, as well as effective designing of various platforms, we pride ourselves in offering an out-of-the-box approach to many tricky situations in which companies find themselves.
We create a multi-phase approach to the technologies, we streamline business spend and ensure compliancy with regard to IT infrastructure.

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