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AVeS Cyber Security is a Platinum and MSP Kaspersky partner


AVeS Cyber Security is the Kaspersky Africa Partner of the Year for 2019 & 2020
AVeS Cyber Security is the Kaspersky Top Learning Partner 2020 in the META region

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Employee education a critical weapon against cyber threats

(Article) 4 min read.
The better an employee’s understanding of cyber security risks is, the greater their potential to participate in reducing these risks, as well as the associated costs of a breach. The average cost of a cyber security breach can range between R1-million for small businesses to around R40-million for large enterprises.

26% of ransomware attacks now target business

In 2017, 26.2% of those targeted by ransomware were business users, compared to 22.6% in 2016. This is due in part to three unprecedented attacks targeting corporate networks that changed forever the landscape for this increasingly virulent threat, according to Kaspersky Lab.

OT Security is key to bringing expansion plans to fruition

(Article) 4 Min
Effective control and security of operational technology (OT) and industrial control systems are inextricably linked with good corporate governance. Companies could use compliance with legislation and corporate governance requirements to overcome key growth barriers when looking to expand into new territories and to attract outside investors.

Job Done: Nearly Every Third Corporate Data Breach Gets Employees Fired

When a data breach strikes, the damage can reach further than a business’s finances, reputation, and customer privacy. A breach can also severely impact the careers of individuals at the company involved. According to a new report from Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, 25% of data breaches in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa (META) region in the past year have led to people losing their jobs.

More than 40% of ICS computers were attacked in H1 2018

More than 40% of all industrial control system (ICS) computers protected by Kaspersky Lab solutions were attacked by malicious software at least once during the first half of 2018 – where the Middle East (ME) countries were among the top 20 countries by percentage of ICS computers attacked during the period.

From cloud growth to a cloud mess: two out of three SMBs struggle with over-complicated IT infrastructure

As their businesses grow, companies increasingly embrace new business tools and cloud services in an attempt to make their employees’ working lives more efficient and flexible, as well as reduce expenditures.

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