Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation

Boost the cybersecurity awareness of your team so that all can play their part in the cybersafety of the organisation.

KIPS is a strategic business simulation that demonstrates the connection between business efficiency and cybersecurity.


The goal is to build a cyber defence strategy by making choices from amongst the best proactive and reactive controls available. Every reaction made by the teams to the unfolding events changes the way the scenario plays out, and ultimately how much profit the company makes or fails to make. 

Balancing engineering, business, and security priorities against the cost of a realistic cyberattack, the teams analyse data and make strategic decisions based on uncertain information and limited resources. This training is targeted at business system experts, IT people and line managers, and should increase their awareness of the risks and security problems of running modern computerised systems. 


  • Help the team understand the real role of cybersecurity in business continuity and profitability. 
  • Create awareness regarding the emerging challenges and threats that are taking place. 
  • Insight into the typical mistakes organisations makes when building their cybersecurity. 
  • The importance of cooperation between the business and security teams to main the stable operations of an enterprise. 

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Our organisation has been acquainted with AVeS Cyber Security for more than ten years in their capacity as one of our security services providers. Our experience with the staff has always been professional and friendly. We found the [security awareness] workshop knowledgeable, content insightful and workshop structure conducive to our organisational requirements.

Steph J.

ICT Manager, global manufacturing organisation

Awareness Solutions

Interactive, Instructor-led Workshops

Get specific departments together for an interactive, fun session packed with practical cyber security safety tips on how to spot and outsmart threats online and at work. The session is 45-60 minutes in duration, followed by a 15 minute Q&A session
  • Onsite or online workshop
  • Talks available:
  • Tech talks
  • Introduction to Cyber Awareness
  • Hacking Human Identity
  • Catch and release – Phishing and Social Engineering 101
  • Social Media Big Yikes
  • Throwing shade to Social Media
  • The Dark Side of Social Media
  • Tough Talks
  • Cyberbullying (for corporates and Parents)
  • Your digital darlings (Students)

Partners & Standards

Other available packages


Training your staff to be safe online and protect the company is not something that should be prevented by budget constraints. Even one of these 15-20-minute, interactive talks will already make an impact and get your staff a step closer to being cybersavvy.


Regular and Comprehensive Security Awareness Training is so much easier when you have the right tool for the job. Chat to us around which security awareness platform will make it easy for you to train your staff and we will assist you with getting your campaign off the ground.

Chartered Flight

So you want the Rolls Royce option? Good choice! Security Awareness campaigns are most impactful when you combine a training platform with fun and engaging activities, awareness days, workshops and competitions. But you don’t have time for all that… So why not let our security awareness consultants run your campaign for you?

Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation

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