Focus on privacy and cyber security on 702’s Azania Mosaka Show

by | 12 Nov 2019 | Thought Leadership



Individuals sharing information online on platforms such as social media should carefully manage their profiles to stay safe. With the internet and social media platforms reflecting real-life happenings for many individuals, it is making it easier for everyone – as well as cybercriminals – to have access to others personal information and go-bouts.

Azania Mosaka discusses pertinent privacy and cyber security questions with AVeS Cyber Security’s Industrial Security Architect, Guido de Jager. Guido’s guidance to staying safe online covers the following questions, and more:

  • What are the dangers of sharing our personally-identifiable information on social media platforms?
  • Do we have a choice in the personally-identifiable information we put online, since some fields are required to sign up to social media?
  • What are the and do’s and dont’s to sharing your location with social media?
  • What are the “tricks-of-the-trade” to protect our online identities when we sign up to social platforms?
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