Put your business into your hands with Azure App Service

Build your own mobile app with Azure Apps in under a day.


Yes, you read it: it can be done in under a day! Gone are the days where a simple, cross-platform mobile application consumes most of your IT department’s Research and Development (R&D) budget. Last year, we tested the Azure Mobile App Service waters by launching a pre-release of the AVeS Mobile App. The goal? To ultimately put our office in your hands. As a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering, mobile apps that are built on Microsoft Azure are not only highly scalable feature-wise, but also globally available with a 99, 95% monthly up-time Service Level Agreement (SLA) for App Service from Microsoft. It offers professional developers and system integrators (yes, you do need coding knowledge).



How to get started:

Learn the basics of how to produce the mobile backend on a chosen platform, integrate authentication, offline sync and push notifications. Choose the platform you want to start with: Windows | Android | iOS


Get started with a trial and get on-board a mobile-first, cloud-first world.



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