Seamless Collaboration with Skype for Business

Imagine how teams can speed-up implementation and improve process efficiency with a single, integrated communication tool. Imagine the possibilities for online training delivery with chat integration and session audio/video recordings that can be paused, rewinded or fast forwarded with a touch, on-the-go. Imagine how content delivery can be customised with polling, real-time sentiment measurements and audience conversations. These are only some of the real-world uses we see for Microsoft’s Skype for Business.


Skype for Business MeetingsSkype for Business is included in the popular Office 365 E3 licence or available as a standalone plan. It includes HD video conferencing and secure content sharing, which enables geographically dispersed teams of up to 250 members to meet as if in person. Attendees join with a single touch as pre-authentication is built into the user’s unique URL.


Skype for Business Meeting Broadcast, which can be used for webinars or other one-to-many presentations, can support up to 10 000 attendees (which can either be limited to people in your organisation or open to anyone). In 2014, industry experts ranked Microsoft as a Gartner Quadrant Leader in both Unified Communications and Corporate Telephony. Since then, Microsoft has been able to hold on to the Leader in Unified Communications hat.


PSTN Conferencing and Skype Rooms Systems are perhaps the least marketed features of Skype for Business. The PSTN Conferencing component of Skype for Business allows organisers to choose a local dial-in number for people to telephonically join the meeting, allow easy dial-in of attendees, see who has dialled in via internet vs phone and who is speaking. Should client need to extend the Skype for Business Meetings experience to an on-premise meeting room, Skype for Business Room Systems steps in with Surface Hub or another partner screen systems, making it a truly enterprise communications tool.