Advanced Threat Protection Services

Intelligent Data Protection

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Pro-actively identify and neutralise stealthy security threats before they breach your organisation’s systems

Build an agile threat intelligence machine that can translate data logs into actionable steps to secure your organisation’s digital environment. Through real-time behavioural analytics and machine learning, your organisation’s defence system can prioritise and analyse threats in-depth to protect its corporate assets against sophisticated, targeted attacks and zero-day threats. Uncover suspicious patterns emerging behind-the-scenes from disparate data sources before they become security incidents, such as advanced persistent attacks, ransomware and phishing. Let us unify your defence tactics in the fight against cyber crime.


  • Improve response time and accuracy in detecting & neutralising stealthy threats
  • Outsmart new and sophisticated att acks that are designed to circumvent traditional security solutions, such as anti -virus, firewalls, and IPS/IDS
  • Reduce the number of incidents that require investigation from security analysts
  • Craft a security investment strategy based on data specific to your organisation
  • Minimise the risk and probable damage of security incidents


  • Compliance Reporting

  • Investigate Incidents

  • Contextualise Threats

  • Analyse Vulnerabilities

  • Improve Data Awareness

  • Real-time Visibility

The Adaptive Security Architecture

Source: Gartner Inc. and/or its affiliates, 2014.

Did you know?

  • 1 in 131

    Average emails that contain malware, which is about 1 email every day

  • 1271

    Average global ransomware attack attempts detected every day

  • 978 100

    Average unique malware variants detected for the first time every day

Source: Internet Security Threat Report (Volume 22), Symantec Corporation, April 2017 (2016 statistics).

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