Data Loss & Fraud Prevention Services

Data-centric Security that Drives Business Forward

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Build in measures to prevent accidental or malicious data loss or leaks from internal users, trusted third-parties or outsiders

Strengthen your organisation against malicious or accidental data loss by streamlining people, process and technology across the business. From a position of intelligence-led corporate strategy, we can help you develop effective counter strategies to deal with data loss and neutralise stolen Intellectual Property (IP). You can limit the costly risks of data loss and prevent fraud by understanding how to pro-actively identify data leak risks in the modern workplace. Let us help you build a robust, threat-ready business that protects the core of your business’ competitive advantage: confidential data.


  • Fortify the organisation’s data assets from the inside-out
  • Build a robust value chain
  • Provide management with critical information to guide decision-making about risks in the value chain
  • Take control of unmapped (“dark”) data within the organisation
  • Increase data loss response time and risk prediction capabilities
  • Meet regulatory obligations to protecting data


Potential Sources of Data Loss

  • Disgruntled Ex-employees

  • Third-party Data Breaches

  • Corporate Espionage

  • Unintentional Insider Leaks

  • Malware

  • Stolen User Credentials

What is “dark data”?

Unclassified data that is not visible to senior management and cannot be used to extract business value.

The Organisational Databerg: Where Does Your Data Reside?


Potential Channels of Data Leaks

  • Social media and instant messaging
  • Mobile and removable devices
  • Printers and cameras
  • Email
  • Unmanaged cloud storage
  • Bluetooth and VPN connections
  • Paper trays or bins

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