Information Security Awareness and Training

Empower end-users to help protect company data

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Empower employees to be your greatest strategic defence partner against cyber attacks

We believe that training is most effective when it’s goal-driven and project managed. When engaging in a new Security Awareness and Training project, we first measure the risk score of the business before we deliver training and awareness campaigns to align the risk score with the business’ risk appetite. The risk score includes both qualitative and quantitative analyses in the form of quick assessments and validating phishing simulations before and after the training and awareness project.

Data is an invaluable asset that every person in the company has a responsibility to protect. Technology alone is not enough.

Our security awareness and training share with staff how to outsmart security threats (at work and at home) in “plain language”, which means any staff member can engage with the content and successfully integrate it into their daily lives. We nurture your staff through the awareness journey with environmental cues and integrated quizzes to entrench a security mindset across the organisation. We can deliver training in either classroom-style workshops to key departments or staff members, or provide access to tracked e-learning courseware; both include topics covered in good governance guidelines, such as King IV, ISO 27001, the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), and others.


  • Increase vigilance of all staff members
  • Empower staff to use good judgment with resources
  • Protect the organisati on’s resources from the inside out
  • Pro-actively develop and sustain a resilient workforce
  • Detect and contain system breaching attempts earlier

Compliance Standards Covered

Awareness and Training Modules

Phase 1

Assess the Business Risk

Security Risk Assessment + Phishing Simulation Testing (#1) + Training Needs Assessment

Phase 2

Train Staff

Interactive, Instructor-led Workshops +/ E-Learning Courseware

Optional: Customise the training by highlighting policies and procedures specific to the company or amend training to teach staff about home security.

With Learning Management System (LMS) integration capabilities

Phase 3

Raise Security Awareness Levels

Branded Security Survival Kit +/ Organisational Awareness Campaigns

Handed out during training

Articles, emails, etc.

Phase 4

Measure the Effectiveness of the Project

Phishing Simulation User Testing (#2) + Executive Report and Presentation

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