Improve Consistency

with Corporate Governance


Assess. Align.

And become IT audit-compliant.

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Turn IT into a machine that is:

OK   Ethical

OK   Logical

OK   Standardised

OK   Internationally measurable

OK   Audit-compliant

AVeS leads businesses' cost and supplier management, IT innovation, and IT growth projects with audit-compliant and internationally accredited strategies

AVeS shows you how to streamline your business processes and cut unnecessary costs. Our offerings are primarily focused on IT Governance with the aim of uplifting the maturity level of IT departments. We help organisations of all sizes align their IT processes, people and technology to the organisation’s broader business objectives. All our strategies are based on King III’s IT Governance framework, ITIL and ISO 27001, which provides audit-compliant peace of mind.

How do we improve consistency for businesses?

Corporate Governance Champion

We take responsibility and drive the communication, development, implementation, change management and maintenance of Corporate Governance. Especially ICT policies, standards, structures, processes and procedures. We align IT processes, people and technology to the business.

Outsourced CIOs

Our methodology is based on King IV’s IT governance framework, ITIL and ISO 27001 and we focus primarily on cost and supplier management; innovation and growth projects; and ensuring peace of mind and compliance.

IT Framework Audits

ISO 27001, COBIT5 & ITIL. The objective of these audits are to confirm that the Information Security Management System (ISMS) and associated activities of companies conform to the requirements of company applicable IT frameworks. The end result is to provide confidentiality, availability and integrity of company information.


We help to establish and maintain a compliance framework which outlines the regulatory compliance standards relevant to the organisation’s IT department and the IT processes and internal controls the IT department has in place to adhere to the respective standards.

IT Project Management

With our in-depth IT technical and managerial experience and our ability to understand IT Project requirements, we ensure that the Project deliverables are met within budget, time and the best quality.

IT Advisory & Roadmaps

We have seen how businesses grow with technology. The focus, however, should never be on the technology, but on what makes sense for the business – and that is unique. Establishing what your needs are from a business as well as technical point of view must be the starting point prior to any new technology being introduced. With our IT Advisory and Roadmaps, we will show you how an integrated view into your long term infrastructure deployments could look: from licensing to hardware and services. It is an essential component to all our projects that allows you to minimise your cost and risk. It’s the shortest, cheapest route to your final IT destination.