AVeS Cyber Security is a Microsoft Gold and Silver Partner

Migrate your on-premise Exchange and data centre to Office 365 and Azure, for free.

Business wants to go the cloud route, and you’ve been asked to take them there – safely but also, like, yesterday. As the IT Manager, you get Cloud’s major benefits: uptime consistency, service scalability, and cost manageability. But as a seasoned IT professional, you might also know from experience that doing cloud projects right, the first time, is technically more important than adopting cloud. Step up to the task with our #FreeCloudDeployment Offer.

Business Benefits

  • Minimise business disruption by experiencing almost no service downtime when moving to the cloud.
  • Create a seamless, secure user experience between on-premise and cloud services with a single sign-on process.
  • Drive overall technology costs down and boost your immediate business efficiencies, all-in-one-go.

Security Benefits

  • Expertly deliver Cloud as a project to the organisation: before, during & after migration.
  • Extend and amplify existing business security layers into the cloud with Azure Active Directory and secure services configuration.
  • Maintain a well-defined cloud service provisioning mandate to enable oversight and control of cloud security and costs.

We can help you get your cloud environment up-and-running with our Free Microsoft Office 365 and Azure Deployment, where we’ll help you migrate the right workloads to the cloud, the right way. All you have to do now is take the next step: Contact us for a Remote Cloud-Readiness Assessment.

Request a Remote Cloud-Readiness Assessment

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Migration Services Included In This Offer

  • 1-Hour Remote Cloud-Readiness Assessment
  • Free spin-up of a Microsoft Azure tenant
  • Free spin up of an Office 365 tenant
  • Free hybrid configuration between an on-premise Exchange and Office 365 tenant
  • Activation of entitlements on Office 365 and Microsoft Azure

Terms and Conditions

  • To benefit from this free service, let AVeS Cyber Security (us) become your Microsoft Services’ Digital Partner of Record (DPOR).
  • These services would be delivered remotely by us, dates depending on AVeS Cyber Security’s (our) architects’ availability: first the Cloud-Readiness Assessment, then the Remote Microsoft Office 365 and Azure Deployment (based on the Cloud-Readiness Assessment’s findings).
  • This offer is free of any of our migration planning and deployment service charges. It does not cover Microsoft’s ingress and egress data costs, or any of our post-migration service costs.
  • Offer valid until further notice.