IT Monitoring & Management Services 

IT Infrastructure Remote Monitoring and Management

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We will efficiently manage your company’s IT infrastructure with monitoring, management and reporting across the business

AVeS Cyber Security aims to pro-actively identify the security risks of company data and maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. We are a team of cyber security professionals with extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of business challenges surrounding people, process and technology. Our remote monitoring and management services allows you to minimise your inherent IT security risks by having highly trained specialists track, act and report on the health and safety of IT assets in the organisation.



  • Gain comprehensive security management capabilities without additional fixed overheads
  • Build business cases with accurate, frequent reporting on issues found and resolved
  • Communicate current and future risk in terms your business understands: financial impact
  • Monthly service billing without any long-term fixed investment costs

Features of Engineering

  • Security Focused Storage

  • Hybrid Cloud Recovery

  • Risk Intelligence Reports

  • Data Archiving

  • Payment Data Recovery

  • Vulnerability Scanning


Complementary Services

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