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Managed Professional IT Security Services address organisations’ unique security risks needs in the current security landscape. We improve organisations’ data protection, mobility, and business continuity at lower operating costs.

Incident Response

Handle critical security incidents, resolve immediate issues and put longterm solutions in place to address the systemic causes of security incidents.

Compromise Assessment

Evaluate whether attackers are currently operating undetected in your environment or whether they have been there in the past.

Penetration Testing

Use Penetration (Pen) Testing at least once every year (according to industry best practice) to identify and mitigate complex security vulnerabilities that can compromise your most critical assets.

Security Program Assessment

Get tailored, actionable recommendations to help improve your overall security posture, protect your organisation’s information assets, reduce risk, and eliminate the consequences of security incidents.

SOC and CIRT Service

Build your own Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) or Security Operations Centre (SOC) to better manage your security processes, and resolve future cyber threats faster and more effectively.

  • AV: Antivirus
  • FW: Firewall
  • IPS: Intrusion Prevention System
  • NGFW: Next Generation Firewall
  • SIEM: Security Information & Event Management
  • SOC: Security Operations Centre
  • CIRT: Computer Incident Response Team
  • ISO: International Organisation for Standardisation

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