Veritas Backup Exec 15: Administration (DP0147)

This course is designed for the data protection professional tasked with architecting, implementing, backing up, and restoring critical data.


Certified Training Course




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Delivery Method

Classroom-based, Instructor-led with emphasis on hands-on exercises.


5 days
Start time: 09:00 (Registration will commence at 08:30 on the first day)


  • You must have basic working knowledge of administration and configuration of the Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012 platforms.
  • You must also have experience configuring server software and hardware.
  • Basic working knowledge of domain security and experience with Active Directory and Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2012 are recommended.

Basic working knowledge of the following applications is beneficial, but not required:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • VMware virtual infrastructure

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, you should be able to do the following:

  • Describe the basic functionality of Backup Exec 15.
  • Describe the basic architecture of Backup Exec 15.
  • Install and upgrade to Backup Exec 15.
  • Install and work with the Backup Exec 15 RAC.
  • Configure storage devices.
  • Manage devices and media used by Backup Exec.
  • Run basic backup jobs.
  • Set backup settings and methods.
  • Restore backed-up data.
  • Perform Online Disaster Recovery.
  • Work with the Database Encryption Key.
  • Install the SDR disk creation wizard.
  • Create an SDR disk image (.iso).
  • Recovering a server with SDR.
  • Backup a physical machine and convert to virtual
  • Backup a physical machine and convert to virtual
    based on a schedule.
  • Install, configure, and manage the Veritas Backup
    Exec Central Admin Server Option.
  • Protect remote servers using the appropriate
    Remote Agent.
  • Install, configure, and work with the Agent for
    Windows and the Agent for Linux and Agent for Mac.
  • Use Backup Exec to protect databases and
  • Install, configure, backup and restore data with the
    following Backup Exec Agents:

    •  Agent for Microsoft SQL Server
    •  Agent for Microsoft Exchange
    •  Agent for Microsoft SharePoint
    •  Agent for VMware and Hyper-V
    •  Agent for Active Directory
  • List the supported virtual conversion configurations.
  • Install the Deduplication option.
  • Configure Backup Exec Deduplication Storage.
  • Backup and restore deduplicated data.

Exam & Certifications

This course prepares students to write the Administration of Veritas Backup Exec 15 Exam (Exam Code: VCS-321) as part of the Veritas Certified Specialist (VCS) certification and counts towards the requirements for a Veritas Certified Professional (VCP) certification in Data Protection.

Exam Details

  • # of Questions: 80 - 90
  • Exam Duration: 120 minutes
  • Passing Score: 68%
  • Languages: English
  • Exam Price: $225 USD (or your country’s currency equivalent)

Suggested Preparation

Below includes the recommended preparation to achieve this level of expertise.

Veritas Corporation Confidentiality Agreement

Testing Policies and Exam Security

Anonymously Report Suspicious Activity

Course Outline

Veritas Backup Exec 15: Install & Configure

1. Course Introduction

  • About this course
  • Education and support resources

2. Backup Exec Fundamentals

  • Data backup basics
  • Backup Exec solution offerings
  • Backup Exec 15 Licensing
  • Backup Exec 15 License key requirements
  • Backup Exec architecture
  • Backup Exec 15 Feature Pack 1: End of Life Items

3. Installing and Licensing Backup Exec 15

  • New installation of a Backup Exec server
  • Typical installation of Backup Exec
  • Custom installation of Backup Exec
  • Installation Logs
  • Launching Backup Exec 15
  • Updating Backup Exec 15

4. Installing Remote Administration Console for Backup Exec 15

  • Installing the Remote Administration Console
  • Blocked Remote Administration Console 32-bit installation scenario
  • Remote Administration Console compatibility

5. Upgrading and Migrating to Backup Exec 15

  • Backup Exec 15 Upgrade paths
  • Backup Exec Central Admin Server and Managed
  • Backup Exec Server rolling upgrades
  • Agent for Windows
  • Performing step upgrades
  • Upgrading from Backup Exec 2010 R3 and earlier
  • Backup Exec server Migration from 32-bit to 64-bit server
  • Migration report

6. Storage Devices

  • Configuring disk storage devices
  • Importing a legacy backup-to-disk folder
  • Configuring disk cartridge devices
  • Configure deduplication and other storages
  • Configuring network storage
  • Configuring tape storage
  • Configuring storage device pools
  • Managing devices

7. Data Management

  • Managing Media
  • Data Lifecycle Management
  • Managing tapes with Media Management
  • Tape Storage Operations
  • Media Catalogs

8. Backing Up Data

  • Adding a server
  • Backup Selections
  • Multi-server backup definition
  • Accounts and Credentials in Backup Exec
  • Server Selections
  • Backup Selections – Dynamic Inclusion
  • Backup Selections – Resource Ordering
  • Backup Selections – Excludes
  • Adding a Backup Task
  • Backup Settings – Backup Methods
  • Backup Settings – Additional Settings
  • Backup Stage
  • Job name
  • Manually running backup jobs

9. Managing Servers and Jobs

  • Backup and Restore view
  • Server Groups
  • Retired Server Groups

10. Restoring Data

  • Restore job basics
  • Restore settings
  • Granular restore
  • Restoring data from single backup set
  • Restoring data from multiple backup sets
  • Restoring data from tape
  • Restoring data from backup job
  • Online Disaster Recovery
  • Restoring System State
  • Restoring Shadow Copy Components

11. Working with the Database Encryption Key

  • BEDB Sensitive Data components
  • Auto-generated AES-256 Encryption Key
  • Protecting the Database Encryption Key (DEK)
  • Missing Database Encryption Key scenarios and recovering
    from a lost key

12. Simplified Disaster Recovery

  • Simplified Disaster Recovery fundamentals
  • Simplified Disaster Recovery: Backup
  • Installing the SDR disk creation wizard
  • Creating an SDR disk image (.iso)
  • Recovering a server with SDR
  • Windows Storage Pools and Spaces
  • SDR additional options

13. Virtual Machine Conversion

  • Conversion to virtual machines fundamentals
  • One-time convert to virtual
  • Backup and convert simultaneously
  • Backup and convert on a schedule
  • Convert from a backup set
  • Virtual conversion options
  • Conversion considerations

14. Storage Devices

  • Storage Provisioning Option
  • Windows Storage Pools and Spaces
  • Network Storage
  • Remote Media Agent for Linux
  • Robotic Libraries

15. Central Admin Server Option

  • Backup Exec 15 CASO: Overview
  • Installing the CASO
  • Installing MBES
  • Backup jobs: MBES and Server Pools
  • Restoring Files using CASO
  • MBES Settings
  • Copy Configuration to MBES
  • Upgrading a CASO environment to Backup Exec 15
  • MBES to Standalone
  • Offline Central Admin Server Restore from a
    Managed Backup Exec Server

Backup Exec: Manage & Administer

1. Course Introduction

  • About this course
  • Education and support resources

2. Remote Agents

  • Introduction to Remote Agents
  • Agent for Windows
  • Push-installation of the Agent for Windows using the
    Add Server wizard
  • Push-installation of the Agent for Windows to virtual
  • Local installation of the Agent for Windows
  • Managing the Agent for Windows
  • Agent for Linux and Agent for Mac

3. Agent for Applications and Databases

  • Agent for Applications and Databases fundamentals
  • Installing the Agent for Applications and Databases

4. Agent for Microsoft Exchange Server

  • Backup Exec Agent for Microsoft Exchange: Install
  • Adding an Exchange Server / Database Availability
  • Backup Selections
  • Backup Settings
  • Restoring Exchange
  • Database Restore
  • GRT Browse Restore
  • GRT Search Restore
  • Restore Considerations: GRT
  • Restore Considerations: Public Folders
  • Restore Considerations: Site Mailbox
  • Restore Considerations: Database Overwrite
  • Restore Considerations: RSG/RDB
  • Restore Considerations: Disaster Recovery
  • Volume Shadow Copy
  • Troubleshooting: VSS Provider and Exchange Writer

5. Agent for Microsoft SQL Server

  • Microsoft SQL Server agent installation
  • Backup Selections
  • Backup Settings
  • Restoring a Microsoft SQL Server database
  • Unsupported Microsoft SQL Server features

6. Agent for Microsoft SharePoint Server

  • SharePoint Agent Overview
  • Add SharePoint Farm
  • Backing up SharePoint
  • Restoring SharePoint

7. Agent for Microsoft Active Directory

  • Agent for Microsoft Active Directory
  • Traditional Restore of Active Directory
  • GRT Restore

8. Virtual Environment Agents

  • Virtualization technologies
  • Backup Exec virtualization agents
  • Installing the Agent for VMware and Hyper-V
  • Restore
  • VMware VDDK 6.0 Enhancements
  • Security enhancements

9. Deduplication Option

  • Data deduplication and Open Storage Technology:
  • Installing the Deduplication Option
  • Configuring Backup Exec Deduplication Storage
  • Exclusion from Windows deduplication
  • Configuring OST device
  • Deduplication Backup Job
  • Configuring Client-side Dedup
  • Rehydration
  • Optimized duplication
  • Protect Backup Exec Dedup Storage