Please welcome to the A-Team, Pieter Van der Westhuizen

Meet Pieter

Backup Exec Boot Camp Facilitator
Certified Symantec Training Facilitator
Certified Veritas Training Facilitator

We believe that excellent training is critical to the success of projects after implementation, especially when companies have invested large amount of resources. If the champion assigned to working with a product on a daily basis does not know how to optimally use it, the project will fall flat after implementation and the investment will be wasted. Kindly welcome Pieter Van der Westhuizen, facilitator for all our Backup Exec boot camps. Pieter will make sure that your attendance to our  2-day Backup Exec boot camps are well worth the investment in time and effort.


Pieter has been facilitating training for the last eleven years. He joined Storegate-Africa in 1999 as a support engineer on backup products when Backup Exec was still called Seagate Backup Exec 7.2. He has seen the product evolve to the current version (Backup Exec 2014), which is the industry leading backup software.


“I love the Backup Exec product. I think that is also why I have continued training Symantec (now Veritas) clients on Backup Exec all these years; I enjoy sharing my knowledge about the product and seeing the product develop. I am excited to facilitate the Backup Exec boot camps on behalf of AVeS as AVeS also recognises the potential and power of the product. We also share the belief that training helps clients optimally use a product, which is critical in today’s fast-paced environment where decisions need to be made quickly and effectively.”


We are confident that Pieter’s extensive training background, product knowledge and fun personality will keep you engaged throughout the 2-day Backup Exec boot camps. He has a track record of facilitating excellent boot camps on behalf on AVeS. We look forward to him working with you in true AVeS spirit.