AVeS Training Needs Assessment

AVeS Training as a Service
Value: R 15 000
What's included:
  • In-person assessment interviews
  • Travel within Gauteng
  • Post-assessment report
What it’s about
As part of the AVeS value proposition, AVeS can conduct a Training Needs Assessment with an organisation's IT Manager and staff to set out a 6-12-month training plan for the department. The Training Needs Assessment covers both departmental and individual training requirements, and can therefore take between 1 and 6 hours to complete, depending on the amount of staff interviewed.
The Process
We conduct the Training Needs Assessment in-person, at your offices with your IT Manager and IT staff members. It is therefore important that we set up a meeting to schedule the assessment and confirm details, such as venue and times, at least one week in advance.
After conducting the Training Needs Assessment, AVeS will supply the organisation with a Report and Training Proposal that details the findings of the Assessment, and make recommendations based on specialist knowledge of available training, scheduling and costing. An important consideration shown in the report is a coordinated scheduling approach toward training to avoid key man dependencies arising at any one time within the work environment. We also prioritise the recommended training for each individual staff member based on their individual responsibilities and training experience to ensure a clearly outlined training path.
What to expect
7-10 working days after conducting the assessment, we will send the assessment report and training proposal to the IT Manager via email. This report could then be used to present the business case to the rest of the stakeholders within the organisation to empower the in-house expertise of the IT team.
Once we receive a signed acceptance of the proposal, we will drive the training process by engaging with the relevant stakeholders in the organisation and our accredited training partners to deliver empowering training on-time and at the lowest possible opportunity cost.

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