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Vulnerability Assessments

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Discover the loopholes in your organisation’s security architecture and how to close them

Vulnerability assessments aim to reveal how organisations’ networks, endpoints and web applications could risk providing attackers with unintentional access to confidential company data based on how they have been designed and managed. With a prioritised list of validated security vulnerabilities, our expert team can propose and implement effective countermeasures to pro-actively address organisations’ unique security challenges before attackers exploit an infrastructure’s ‘weak links’. Improve your IT Security maturity level by becoming proactive and strategic in how you combat data security threats. To validate security vulnerabilities or test the architecture’s resilience against cyber attacks, organisations can pair or follow vulnerability assessments with focused penetration tests.


  • Pinpoint the most critical operational risks of your IT infrastructure
  • Identify known security vulnerabilities before attackers
  • Evaluate the overall security posture of network systems, endpoint systems, email users and web applications
  • Limit corporate liability
  • Identify the presence of Illegal music, video and other copyrighted material on the corporate network
  • Create or update a detailed network map of the organisation
  • Create an inventory of authorised or unauthorised devices and software on the network


  • Audit-ready Reporting

  • Automate Security Testing

  • Test Heterogeneous Infrastructure

IT Security Maturity Model

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