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Get up to 40% off when you buy a Technical Support Bundle during the month of September.

This year, be ready for the much-needed summer holiday break.

Get rid of the winter viruses and dusty patches in your security systems by spring cleaning your endpoint and perimeter environments this September.



Remediate action points identified in the Health Checks, such as:

  • Cleaning up the endpoint console (removing old policies, updating the console and endpoints with the latest patches and security protocols)
  • Upgrading firewall firmware
  • Pushing console updates to endpoints
  • Analysing virus activity and remediate where applicable (identified areas of risk)

2 x Health Check Assessments

  1. Endpoint Protection Assessment & Report
  2. Perimeter (Firewalls) Assessment & Report


Each at a discounted rate of R700/Hour

15 Hours

20 Hours

25 Hours

30 Hours

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Bundled hours are valid until 30 November 2017.
  2. The purchasing process must be completed before 30 September 2017.
  3. Health Checks are done remotely (on-site Health Check options are possible, but will have additional travelling costs applicable).
  4. Secure system access is required to be able to render the services (e.g. VPN/Team Viewer access to servers).

* Recommendations Table:

  • Less than 300 users: 15 Hours
  • 300-800 users: 20 Hours
  • 800-1500 users: 25 Hours
  • More than 1500 users: 30 Hours

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