The Role of IT in the Global Market

by Bongani Malinga

The power of information technology is a key contributor of growth in the global market. The profession is both a science and an art form and helps companies take giant leaps in areas such as collaboration, efficiency, and economic growth. South Africa is also making great strides in the field of internet connectivity, such as the Tshwane Free Wi-Fi project that reached 1 million connected users in October 2015. TECHCENTRAL reported that World Bank statistics show that a 10increase in internet access for a country’s population results in approximately a 1% growth in their GDP.


Many people who are not actively working in the field of information technology and communications might not know to which extent information technology improves people's daily living standards. On Thursday 12 November 2015, AVeS in partnership with SoftwareONE and Microsoft SA attended the Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa (IITPSA) President's Awards at the Hilton Hotel in Sandton to celebrate the key contributors to this field. The 2015 IT Personality of the Year Award, which has seen names such as Mark Shuttleworth and Allan Knott-Craig Sr, went to Vumatel's Niel SchoemanVumatel’s fibrehood project is on a mission of offering South Africans an opportunity to get affordable, open access, high speed internet connectivity within every home.


"There are very exciting IT inventions currently happening globally," says Charl Ueckermann, Managing Director of AVeS.


"IT should be one of the key enablers to create growth in South Africa and to serve our beautiful nation. I believe that delivering connected and smartly developed apps will be the only way to transform our economy, especially within the education system in rural areas", Ueckermann concludes.


Well done to all the finalists and winners for their groundbreaking contributions towards making our country a world class African destination.

"There are very exciting IT inventions currently happening globally "