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by | 1 Oct 2013 | Case Studies, Microsoft

AVeS helps prominent South African manufacturer expand their messaging platform

Client Understanding

ThyssenKrupp operations are organized in six business areas: Components Technology, Elevator Technology, Industrial Solutions, Materials Services and Steel Europe. This large scale organisation with deep bedded routes in the South African Market approached AVeS to assist in the understanding into the possibility of expanding their Microsoft messaging platform. The expansion in a regional office demanded a deployment to ensure that users of the system were able to interact through the Local Area Segment. 

Roadmap Approach

The standard applied within ThyssenKrupp South Africa were based on Microsoft Exchange 2003, which at the stage of engagement was two versions behind the then standard at that time, Exchange 2010. Understanding the deployment requirements, a staggered progression to Exchange 2010 was highlighted as the most functional route to introduce the new technology and provide a localise server deployment within the region.


Although a full Exchange migration was not budgeted for, Exchange 2010 was still listed as the messaging platform that would be deployed into the regional site. This was taken under consideration of the impending upgrade scheduled in the forthcoming year and would provide a stepping stone for the corporate organisation to transition to with a minimum impact to the majority user base. A co-existence between the two messaging platforms was established to ensure that that organisation was capable of running the new messaging platform within the regional site whilst still allowing for budgetary constraints to be met.

Final Outcomes

ThyssenKrupp illustrates the flexibility offered through a well thought out deployment plan that leverages off relatively simple implementation and co-existence procedures for long term migrations, regardless of the drivers.

About AVeS
AVeS combines expert knowledge and services with leading technologies to provide comprehensive information security and infrastructure solutions. Working off 15-years of migration strategies, as well as effective designing of various platforms, we pride ourselves in offering an out-of-the-box approach to many tricky situations in which companies find themselves. We create a multi-phase approach to the technologies, we streamline business spend and ensure compliancy with regard to IT infrastructure.

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