Five Essential Tips to Protect Your Sensitive Information from Cyber Criminals

by | 7 Mar 2023 | Threat Notices


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With tax season now in full swing, cybercriminals are on the prowl, eagerly exploiting this sensitive topic to grab your attention and manipulate your emotions. In the coming months, phishing attacks and disinformation campaigns will likely mention SARS, creating a heightened sense of urgency and vulnerability.

Unfortunately, tax season also presents a prime opportunity for cybercriminals to target your sensitive information. Employers, insurance companies, banks, and other organisations will be sending out documents and links to download certificates that contain personally identifiable information. If cybercriminals get their hands on this information, they can use it to steal your identity, drain your bank account, and cause a whole host of other problems. Stay vigilant and take steps to protect yourself during this time.

Follow the tips below to #StaySafe during tax season:

  1. Think Before you Click
    Cyberattacks are designed to catch you off guard and trick you into clicking impulsively.
  2. Use Extra Caution when handling Tax documents
    For digital documents, use password protection. For physical documents, keep paperwork in a secure location and shred anything that is no longer needed.
  3. Be Suspicious
    Emails, Text Messages, and Social Media posts may contain shocking information about SARS submissions. These could contain disinformation, which is false information designed to mislead you.
  4. Verify links before clicking on them
    Before clicking on a link received in an email, make sure it is re-directing you to the official website by hovering over the link, or better yet, rather go to the official website from your browser to access your account.
  5. Change your Passwords
    If you’re using the SAME password, or a variation of your password for SARS, banking, email, or your work computer credentials, change them NOW. If cybercriminals compromise one of your accounts, they’ll have access to all accounts that use the same (or similar) password, and steal your money or personal information!

Protect yourself and your sensitive information during tax season!

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