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Good governance is key to keeping strategic customers

(Article) 4 min read.
Without the principles of good governance, all businesses are at putting their success and long-term sustainability at risk. High levels of good governance are becoming a must in a world where IT investments are supporting overall business objectives.

OT Security is key to bringing expansion plans to fruition

(Article) 4 Min
Effective control and security of operational technology (OT) and industrial control systems are inextricably linked with good corporate governance. Companies could use compliance with legislation and corporate governance requirements to overcome key growth barriers when looking to expand into new territories and to attract outside investors.

Employees’ social media profiles can put company data at risk

(Article) 6 min read.
Even for companies that have robust IT Security solutions in place, protecting networks and data is growing increasingly complex as security gaps emerge where they are least expected. With the emphasis on technology to protect data assets from threats from the outside, internal threats – such as a company’s employees – are often overlooked.

The search is on for specialised, industry-specific cyber solutions

(Article) 3-min read.
Industries have different risk profiles and are vulnerable to different types of cyber threats. Smart cyber risk management need specialised cyber solutions.

Top six cyber security trends to watch in 2020

(Article) 4-min read.
The cyber security threat landscape is always shifting, making it easy for businesses to become vulnerable to emerging threats. Here are our top six trends business executives should look out for in 2020.

Time to add a cyber incident response plan to your business plan

(Article) 4-min read.
Upfront cyber incident response plans play a critical role in an organisation’s ability to contain and recover from security breaches.

MSIL/Samas.A Threat Notice

SAMSAM (Version 4), also known as MSIL/Samas.A, is a ransomware strain that shares analyses of vulnerabilities on the dark web that cyber actors then use to deploy the ransomware on a network.

How To Install SolarWinds N-Able Essentials

SolarWinds N-Able Essentials can be easily installed on a Windows-based device by following these steps. It is important that you repeat the steps below on all the devices you want to protect as part of your Basic Cyber Protection Package. We will only be able to assist you remotely if a compromised device was actively running SolarWinds N-Able Essentials beforehand.

How to Install Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Select can be easily installed on a Windows-based device by following these steps. It is important that you repeat the steps below on all the devices you want to protect.

The CIO-IT Manager Enablement Workshop

2-4 June 2020
*Seats are limited*

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The AVeS Team has been instrumental in the review and update of our ICT policies and procedures. Their combination of skills and experience makes the partnership with AVeS Cyber Security a good one for the IT department at Palabora
Wendy M.

IS&T Manager, Palabora Mining Company

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