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Cyber security when working from home on RSG Driesestig show (Afrikaans)

The presenter is in discussion with AVeS Cyber Security CEO, Charl Ueckermann, who chats about how cyber security works when someone suddenly has to make the home's system compatible with the work's system, and be able to communicate with everyone. This interview is...

Cyber security risks associated with working from home on Morning Live, SABC 2

(Video) 7-mins.
TV interview with the A-Team’s CEO – Cybersecurity risks associated when working from home: What companies and individuals can do to protect themselves and their businesses.

Cyber secure your remote workforce strategy on Smile FM’s The Honest Truth

(Audio) 19-mins.
How can companies secure their remote workforce during the COVID-19 outbreak? AVeS Cyber Security’s CEO, Charl Ueckermann, shares his insights with The Honest Truth show’s presenter, Michael Avery, on Smile FM.

The search is on for specialised, industry-specific cyber solutions

(Article) 3-min read.
Industries have different risk profiles and are vulnerable to different types of cyber threats. Smart cyber risk management need specialised cyber solutions.

Top six cyber security trends to watch in 2020

(Article) 4-min read.
The cyber security threat landscape is always shifting, making it easy for businesses to become vulnerable to emerging threats. Here are our top six trends business executives should look out for in 2020.

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