Good IT governance on Smile FM’s The Honest Trust

by | 19 Feb 2019 | Thought Leadership



Without the principles of good governance, all businesses are at putting their success and long-term sustainability at risk. High levels of good IT governance are becoming a must in a world where IT investments are supporting overall business objectives. Good governance also means that the company is effectively managing its risks and meeting compliance regulations.

In this edition of Smile FM’s The Honest Truth, the Charl Ueckermann unpacks how organisations can implement good IT governance with the show’s host, Benito Vergotine.

Charl answers questions about:

  • Why good governance strategy is essential to organisations.
  • The first step to get proper governance in place.
  • What the most important rules are to include in your IT governance strategy when it comes to protecting people’s data.
  • An example of how good governance can help to retain business with strategic partners and customers.
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