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We’re an official cyber incident response partner of SHA.
SHA Cyber Assist Number: 0861 000 373


Get Incident Response services from AVeS Cyber Security when you sign up for an SHA Cyber Insurance Policy.

The cost of a cyber breach can be expensive, and with the POPI Act now in force, the impact on businesses could be severe. There are also multiple parties involved in recovering from a breach: technical, legal and sometimes even public relations. That is why using experts to recover from a breach is crucial. AVeS Cyber Security will liaise with all the stakeholders on your behalf, keeping you in the loop of what’s going on, as well as investigate the breach and recover your systems for you as part of your cyber claim.

SHA Cyber Security & Protection

(Our role as an official cyber incident response partner to SHA)

24/7 Cyber Support Hotline & Coordination

IT Forensic Investigations


Remote Incident Response


Onsite Incident Response

Additional Services Available

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Security Awareness Training & Workshops


Cyber Security Assessments


Integrated Security/Protection Software & Services

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