AVeS Cyber Security is ESET's Best in the Biz Award Winner 2021
AVeS Cyber Security is ESET's Product Champion 2019

Focus on Online Banking Fraud with Radio Today

(Audio) 6 Min
Dr Ivor Blumenthal discusses some of consumers’ online banking fraud risks with AVeS Cyber Security’s CEO, Charl Ueckermann, and finds out how people can use proper technology to protect their money in the bank.

People-centric IT excellence sees AVeS scoop major accolades

(Article) 4 Min
Professional IT services consultancy AVeS Cyber Security has won a slew of awards in the 2016 ESET Partner Awards.

ESET eradicates virus in enterprise environment

(Article & Video) 5 Min
When an award-winning corporate travel management company in South Africa (hereon referred to as the Client), fell victim to an untargeted malware attack, the company quickly turned to AVeS as its preferred anti-virus technology partner to neutralise the threat.

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