Uptime and security are at the core of all cloud-based infrastructures and two of the most powerful unique selling propositions of the cloud. Cloud-based infrastructures has the capability to deliver business continuity without the stress of maintaining the infrastructure behind cloud-delivered solutions.

As an example, Office 365 delivers enhanced security through the following mechanisms:

1. Physical Security

Data centres are monitored 24-hours and require multi-factor authentication to gain access. The internal data centre networks are also segregated from external networks. Human access to your data is highly prevented with automated lockbox processes and supervised escalation offered where human intervention is needed.

2. Data Security

Data is encrypted and securely transported through reliable and secure transport mechanisms, such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS). Also, administrators have full control over their environment and can control user access and security features such as the enforcement of dual factor authentication.

3. Logical Security

With other products in the Microsoft suite such as Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) and Azure Active Directory (AAD) integration that is specifically built for integration into Office 365, organisations have the ability to secure access to their data on a user and endpoint level.

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The business benefit

Office 365 offers a complete end-to-end solution for organisations of all sizes, and contrary to its name, it is a package with a whole lot more to offer than a mobile office suite. Office 365 offers the power of mobility through anywhere access on almost any device. Allowing not only end-user client tools (Word, Excel, OneNote, and more), but also administrative management remotely from anywhere in the world.

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Bundle this with team collaboration tools like Skype for Business and you have a powerful solution that’s hard to overlook.

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