Cyber Security Awareness Workshops

Take the technicality out of awareness training as it is, technically, for everyone

At its core, Security Awareness is about training people about real-life threats. So sometimes the best training is the kind delivered by a real-life person! Book one of these 45-60-minute workshops to get your staff engaged with the importance of cyber safety.

Often, Security Awareness training can become a bit technical and detached from the realities of day-to-day life.

It takes a human touch to help people understand the threat that Cybercrime poses to their personal wellbeing as well as the interests of the company. The following talks can be presented in person or via our online interactive platform. 

Each talk is 45-60 mins followed by a 15 mins Q&A session

Tech Talks

Introduction to Cyber Awareness

Modern life depends on online services, so having a better understanding of cybersecurity threats is vital. In this hour-long Cybersecurity overview, we explore the world of online safety, introducing concepts like what hackers look like, cybercrime both locally and around the world and the importance of protecting your privacy. We also cover the basics of the various types of phishing, password protection, USB drops and Stranger Danger.

Hacking Human Identity

Given the sheer volume of data that humans produce and the sensitive nature of a large portion of it, you would think that protecting it would be second nature. But, alas, this is not the case. The human factor of data security remains the weakest part of its protection and hackers love to exploit that vulnerability. Using a variety of techniques such as dumpster diving, tailgating and social engineering, hackers are able to gain access to our data. Speaking of data, let’s also touch on targeted marketing, data capturing off sites and good password practices. In this hour-long talk, we touch on all this and more as we show your employees the importance of protecting their information for their safety and the company’s information for its corporate welfare and due diligence.

Catch and Release – Phishing and Social Engineering 101

Phishing remains one of the biggest Cyber Security threats to organisations of all shapes and sizes. However, most people still don’t understand it and therefore can’t identify it. In this talk, we look at all the forms that phishing takes including SMiShing, Vishing and CEO scams. Is it legit, is it junk or is it malicious?
As a fun exercise, we can also perform some social engineering on staff members that will be in attendance. By revealing our findings (while protecting the identities of the staff members) we can show people just how much of their information is out there for the bad guys to use as social engineering ammo.

Social Media Yikes

Throwing Shade to Social Media

A hacked account can cause massive embarrassment to your brand, lose you, followers, get you banned from networks, and even land you in legal trouble. That’s because you are responsible for the information you put out from your channel. This hour-long talk takes us through all things Social Media and its impact on companies as well as individuals. We look at digital media law, posting that causes problems and privacy. We also look at the risks that Social Media has on relationships including online dating and sharenting (parents sharing). There are real-world consequences to what happens online such as jail time and digital addiction and so we want to take this time to open eyes to the realities of living a “Social Media Lifestyle”.
(The organiser may also choose 3 social media platforms and we will look at the safety settings for each one)

The Dark Side of Social Media

Social Media is an amazing piece of technology; however, it is increasingly observable that it could present enormous risks for individuals, communities, businesses, and even for society as a whole. In this hour-long presentation, we go through the 7 functional building blocks to Social Media (what it was originally created for) and thereafter explain the dark side implications.

Tough Talks

Cyberbullying (for Corporates and Parents)

With the move over to a digital lifestyle came a great many advantages but also some very scary side effects. One such downside is cyberbullying. No longer can a person simply walk out of a room to escape it, but rather, it goes wherever their device goes. In this one-hour talk, we look at cyberbullying from both a professional adult point of view as well as how it is affecting the younger generations. Topics covered include bullying tactics and how to protect yourself, the dangers of selfies, sexts and online dating, digital addiction and social media settings to protect your privacy (on up to three apps of the organisers choice). We also offer some advice on how to engage with your children on the topic to ensure they are protected.  


Your Digital Darlings (Students)

Kevin Honeycutt once said: “Our kids are growing up on a digital playground and no one is on recess duty”. Being a teenager had more than enough challenges to be getting on with, but the online world has made it that much harder. You can be left with no doubt that your teenager is using Social Media and has an online presence – even if you didn’t authorise it. So rather than trying to forbid the inevitable, is it not wiser to educate teens about the realities of Social Media and send them into the world prepared? Rather than speaking to the parents, this talk is aimed at the youth themselves and covers digital content, social media platforms and cyberbullying. We encourage parents to make some popcorn, gather the device dependant family members and log in to see the importance of being cyber-savvy at any age.

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Awareness Solutions

Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation

An interactive 2.5 hour session where we offer highly engaging and effective training solutions that boost the cybersecurity awareness of the team and equips all teams to play their part in the overall cyber safety of your organisation.
  • Onsite or online workshop
  • Ideal for classes up to 20 people
  • Caters for diverse learning styles and personality types
  • Customised workshop courseware with policies and procedures specific to the organisation
  • Digital certificate of attendance
  • Interactive and prizes for winners

Partners & Standards

Other available packages


Training your staff to be safe online and protect the company is not something that should be prevented by budget constraints. Even one of these 15-20-minute, interactive talks will already make an impact and get your staff a step closer to being cybersavvy.


Regular and Comprehensive Security Awareness Training is so much easier when you have the right tool for the job. Chat to us around which security awareness platform will make it easy for you to train your staff and we will assist you with getting your campaign off the ground.

Chartered Flight

So you want the Rolls Royce option? Good choice! Security Awareness campaigns are most impactful when you combine a training platform with fun and engaging activities, awareness days, workshops and competitions. But you don’t have time for all that… So why not let our security awareness consultants run your campaign for you?

Cyber Security Training Workshops

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